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31. May 2018

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18-02-14 11:27:41

  New IP: Hi all, then latestdot again moved, this is now the third server Latestdot lives on in the 8 years of existence. There have during the move has not gone lost data or lost anything, so everything has gone as planned. Sadly ...

14-07-11 10:58:51

  We are having at lot of people from Asia who wants a free website and have heard from their them that, of free website providers, we offer one of the best solutions after their opinion. Therefore, we are working hard on a new solution and interfac...

10-02-07 14:07:17

  Now the version 2 of the free hosting service is up and running, and also now on English, but as things is the system is still under testing, so please report if you see any errors. Just remember that we still are working on getting more and more ...